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Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL

Liked very much the interactive way of learning.

Luigi Loiacono - Proximus

Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL

It was a very practical training, I liked the hands-on exercises.


Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL

good overview, good balance between theory and exercises


Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL

Dynamic interaction and "hands on" the subject, thanks to the Virtual Machine, very stimulating!

Philippe Job - Proximus

Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL

The competence and knowledge of the trainer

Jonathan Puvilland - Proximus

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hivehiveql Data Analysis with Hive/HiveQL 7 ore This course covers how to use Hive SQL language (AKA: Hive HQL, SQL on Hive, HiveQL) for people who extract data from Hive Hive Overview Architecture and design Aata types SQL support in Hive Creating Hive tables and querying Partitions Joins Text processing labs : various labs on processing data with Hive DQL (Data Query Language) in Detail SELECT clause Column aliases Table aliases Date types and Date functions Group function Table joins JOIN clause UNION operator Nested queries Correlated subqueries

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