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There are Five stages in the Design Thinking (DT) process (empathize, define the problem, ideate, prototype, test).

In an increasingly complex world, we deal with problems that may need special approaches. Design Thinking helps deal with complex problems. Mastering design-thinking helps to deal with complex problems effectively, communicate better, persuade efficiently, improve business results and enhances organizational and personal behavior and performance.

  • How DT works: learn from people and problem, find patterns, design model (model drift), test the model, evaluate the model and re-engineer. 
  • Relationship between DT, innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • DT methods and tools: persona, stakeholder map, customer journey map, service blueprint, business model innovation. 
  • Application of DT: design mindset, disruptive innovation, iterative approach, agile estimation technique, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, leadership readiness, communication skills, technology savvy, forward thinking, intercultural and ethical competency, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, negotiating skills, conflict resolution.


  • To understand the fundamentals and nuances of DT
  • To explore key concepts, factors, theories, types, and models in DT
  • To experiment, experience and practice DT


This is a 1 day (4 hours) training course and consists of:

  • lectures (40% - presentation of theories, concepts, models, and interactions),
  • group exercises (30% - group dynamics, games, group discussion, and mock-conflict resolution exercises),
  • individual activities (15% - writing, designing and peer discussion)
  • and others (15% - videos, reading).

Note: due to the nature of this course there is a minimum group size of 3


Schița de curs

Session 1: Introduction to Design Thinking (60mins)
Session 2: Key concepts, theories, types and models in DT (60mins)
Session 3: Apply DT in daily work (60 mins)
Session 4: Impact (60 mins)



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